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Cornwall's rich historic, cultural and environmental heritage together with its own language, Kernewek, sets it apart from English counties as one of Britain's Celtic nations. 

At Association for Cornish Heritage we are passionate about Cornwall. We aim to raise interest and encourage growth in knowledge and education amongst a wide range of people about Cornwall's diverse historic, cultural, and environmental heritage.

There is a huge range of organisations and people, many of them voluntary working within Cornwall's heritage sector. We work to promote and support their work and activities, encouraging others to take an interest in and supporting them, perhaps by actively volunteering or sharing information about their aims and goals.

Please come and visit us at Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum, run by Newquay Old Cornwall Society and Association for Cornish Heritage

Our entrance is opposite the bottom of the St Georges Road car park and adjacent to Newquay Bus Station and the Piazza.

We are open Wednesday to Friday 10.30am to 3.30pm and Saturday morning 10.00 to 12.00 noon.

Please contact us via Email

Checkout our Facebook page for ongoing messages, opening times and sharing Cornwall and Cornish related information

Cornish Heritage Groups and Organisations Events Programme

With optimism returning throughout Cornwall heritage groups are starting to share their future programme of events. Association for Cornish Heritage are pleased to share posters publicising events and activities on social media for all Cornish history, culture and environmental groups. Also on this website on the 'Cornish Heritage Societies & Groups Programmes of Events' page.

Click for poster and events page Posters of Events 2021 - 2022

Besides that, we are also keen to share news from Cornwall's wide range of heritage groups in our Voice newspaper column. This goes out in six editions from Saltash to Penzance and best of all is that all media coverage is free.

Email your event information and posters to:

Koyt Lynnyeyn

Cornish Place Names

Each week in the Voice newspapers we will be sharing four Cornish place names in Kernewek to encouraging greater use of these place names in everyday life. 

To help with pronunciation the link below will take you to previous weeks place names on place name webpage this has an audio file provided by a Cornish speaker and a poster can be downloaded to share or use to teach a variety of Cornish place names.

Access this weeks Cornish Place Names page including audio file, and poster download click the poster below.

CPN - Saltash Week 5 - Poster

We are seeking sponsors for this Cornish cultural heritage project. Sponsors name will appear on posters shared across many social media sites etc., For more information please click this link to access our sponsorship page

Heritage in the News

Talking about Cornish heritage groups, activities & projects - Click Ertach Kernow LOGO for this weeks news

Each week the column next to the main Ertach Kernow article in the Voice newspapers is devoted to sharing news about Cornish heritage and organisations, societies and groups as well as new projects in Cornwall's heritage sector.

Could we help promote your society, group or organisation? Click the Map.

Association for Cornish Heritage is on social media

Learn about our new Podcast site the links and podcasts can be reached via our YouTube & Social Media webpage at ErtachKernowPodcast

Our first podcast covers gig rowing and featuring Newquay Rowing Club, marking the centenary of Newquay Rowing Club. A Newquay Museum collaboration project with Karen Pirie of Cornish Woman

Check out our weekly Ertach Kernow articles published in Cornwall's Voice newspapers

Ertach Kernow Heritage Articles

Check out our Ertach Kernow articles published in the Voice newspapers each week at the following link.

Ertach Kernow - Cornish Historic, Cultural & Environmental Articles

For the latest weeks article click this link Ertach Kernow - The Levant Disaster 

Find the video mentioned in the article on our YouTube Channel, the article page or by clicking - Levant Mining Disaster 1919


Celtic Interests

Cornwall or in Kernewek the Cornish language, Kernow, is one of the six Celtic nations. Association for Cornish Heritage supports the work of the International Celtic Congress and The Cornish Branch of the Celtic Congress. Check out the link below

We are adding further information and links to other organisations from throughout the Celtic nations here on this site to encourage greater interest and knowledge about the culture, including the languages and heritage of the six Celtic language nations. These will develop further over the coming weeks.

Links are below to 'Kernow a Celtic Nation' and 'The Celtic Nations' webpages

Cornish Groups & Organisations

We are pleased to be able to share the monthly newsletters from an increasing number of Cornish groups within Cornwall and beyond from the overseas Cornish Diaspora. These can be found on our journals page and we hope you may find these of interest and consider joining one of these groups. A website link is available adjacent to the newsletters so more can be found out about their activities.     

Click the LOGO below to go straight to that society's newsletter list. 

Click for Newsletters & Journals Page

Could this be your group?
Cornwall Archaeological Society
Cornwall Association of Local Historians
Celtic Congress Cornwall
Cornish Buildings Group LOGO
Trevithick Society
Cornish Association NSW
Cornish Association of Victoria including Ballarat Branch LOGO
Toronto Cornish Association
New Zealand Cornish Association
Cornish American Heritage Society
London Cornish Association
Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

Why devolution matters: the case of Cornwall

An in-depth paper by the UK’s pre-eminent progressive think tank, the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called for more devolution of powers to Cornwall.

Included here as part of the ongoing discussion relating to Cornwall and its status. Click on the link right for the paper.

Why Devolution Matters - LINK

More information about Cornwall's status on our page Cornwall a Celtic Nation Click the blue link to be taken to that page

Check out our Celtic themed coffee shop Gwerthji Koffi Keltek

Our Gallery Room at the museum is open from 2.00pm to 7.00pm many days of the week and 12.00 to 7.00pm Saturday and Sunday. This is open in conjunction with our in house Urban Kelt - Celtic Coffee Shop. Check out more information by clicking Gwerthji Koffi Keltek or one of the images below.

Gwerthji Koffi Keltek is now open Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Plus Wednesday & Thursday from 21st July.

Gallery Room & Coffee Shop
Urban Kelt Coffee Shop - Where Strangers Become Friends
Gallery Room & Coffee Shop

A nation's heritage and culture is its soul and the language is at the heart of what makes it a nation. 

For those that love and care about Cornwall and its culture please click the images above to find out more about supporting An Mis, Cornwall's monthly online Cornish language TV Programme. Also links to 'Kowethas an yeth Kernewek' who support education and promotion of Kernewek, Cornwall's Celtic language. Meur ras / Thank you

Please support Cornish language TV - Click Image

Truro College - Higher Education

History, Heritage & Culture FdSc Degree  and  Archaeology BSc Degree

Take a tour round the Fal building where these courses take place by clicking the image on the right

For more information about these Truro College higher education courses that offer opportunities to gain qualifications that will improve prospects for employment in a wide range of heritage and tourism related careers.

Click the link for information and links to Truro College History Heritage & Culture and the Archaeology courses

Fal Building Truro College

Cornish Heritage Projects

Links to Cornish heritage projects that we hope some may interest you. We will be promoting an increased number of these projects that help to preserve and share different aspects of Cornwall's historic, cultural and environmental heritage.

Click on the appropriate button to take you to the links page for that project.

Cornish Building Groups - BUILDINGS AT RISK PROJECT

Mapping Methodism - Profiling the Heritage of Cornish Chapels

Cornwall's National 'St Piran's' Day

Association for Cornish heritage was very pleased to have been involved in the successful Newquay St Piran's Festival, coordinating the material and sharing the output online through the Newquay St Piran's website, Facebook page and the Association for Cornish Heritage YouTube Channel.

Most of the video events will continue to be available and this can be found at the Newquay St Piran's Festival website at by clicking right hand image under the past events 2021 tab.