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Cornwall's historic, cultural & environmental heritage

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Cornwall's Environment and Culture

Ertach Kernow Cornish heritage articles published weekly in the Voice newspapers across Cornwall

Ertach Kernow Articles

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Some Recent Articles

Cornwall's Environment and Culture
Polruan's Heritage
Caradon Hill - boom to bust
Historic Cornish Hotels
Cornwall's Western Quoits
Marazion more than just a view

Blast from the Past  One of our past articles

Ertach Kernow- Portrait of a Parish, Botus Fleming

Heritage in the News

Talking about Cornish heritage groups, activities & projects, if we can help promote your society, group or organisation - Click the Ertach Kernow LOGO

Each week the column next to the main Ertach Kernow article in the Voice newspapers is devoted to sharing news about Cornish heritage and generally its organisations, societies and groups, similarly new projects in Cornwall's heritage sector. Sometimes just random thoughts about Cornish related 'stuff'.

Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

Cornish Coffee Lounge rebrand at Newquay Museum beginning of April

Click the image to access the article and website links - 22nd March 2023

Cornish Coffee Lounge

Cornwall Youth Theatre Company - Lord of the Flies

Cornwall Youth Theatre - latest production

Click the image to access the article and website links - 15th March 2023

Cornwall Youth Theatre

Have your say about Car Parking Charges throughout Cornwall

Click the image to access the article and website links - 8th March 2023

Cornwall Council - Car Parking Charges

Click the image to access the article and website links - 22nd February 2023

St Piran and Seamas Carey

Click the image to access the article and website links - 1st February 2023

Cornish National Music Archive symposium

Click the image to access the article and website links - 18th January 2023

Supporting Cornish heritage organisations & activities

Click the image to access the article and website links - 4th January 2023

Support Cornish Heritage

All the Heritage in the News articles containing snippets of weekly news and information about organisations, groups and society events are kept and archived after links on the Homepage have been removed. 

Click the LOGO image to access past articles and links for 2022 - Sharing Cornish News

Ertach Kernow - Blog Plus

Ertach Kernow Blog Plus includes additional articles primarily for online consumption. These are often articles that go beyond the bounds of strictly heritage related subjects and may include many issues that beset Cornwall and the Cornish national minority and Cornwall as a Celtic nation.

There are also follow up articles that update information that has already been published relating to Cornwall and its historic, cultural and environmental heritage.

We will also be sharing other articles from third parties, including Cornish Echo and from the editions of Cornwall's Voice newspapers which have a special wider interest to Cornwall and Cornish folk. Also links to YouTube Videos included on our Association for Cornish Heritage YouTube Channel, which relate to Cornish issues, sometimes protest.

Updated - 22nd March 2023

King for a Day

Click the above image or link (right) for webpage

Click the flag to see some of the many St Piran's events celebrating Cornwall's National Day that took place in 2023. This page will stay live to provide ideas and encourage greater community involvement during 2024. The link can be found under Cornwall's Heritage in the top menu.

CLICK for St Piran's Celebrations LINKS

Association for Cornish Heritage is on YouTube & social media- Click the image for more information

Sharing Cornish Heritage Online

Check out our Celtic themed coffee shop at the Cornish Cultural Hub & Museum

Our Gallery Room at the museum is open from 12.00 noon to 7.00pm Wednesday to Sunday. This is open along with our in house coffee lounge. Check out more information by clicking here.

♦ ♦ The coffee shop is being renamed Cornish Coffee Lounge and will close for a few days at the start of April - Check out the Facebook page for more details at 

(Evening entertainment at the Cornish Cultural Hub as publicised on social media)

The Cornish Cultural Hub at Newquay Museum have an environmentally sustainable policy of recycling and being part of the circular economy. Towan Vintage, the new shop at The Cornish Cultural Hub has a range of items previously owned thus giving them a new lease of life. Ornaments, paintings, large range of books and more.

Centre of 'Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri'

Cornish Heritage Groups and Organisations

We share posters of future programme of events from Cornwall's history, culture and environmental heritage groups on our various social media platforms. Also this website, on the 'Cornish Heritage Societies & Groups Programmes of Events' page.

Click for poster and events page Posters of Events 2022 - 2023

Email your event information and posters to:

Monthly newsletters from an increasing number of Cornish groups within Cornwall and the overseas Cornish Diaspora can be found on our journals page. We hope you find these of interest and consider joining one of these groups. A website link is available adjacent to the newsletters so more can be found out about their activities.  Click here for Newsletters & Journals Page

Cornwall a Celtic Nation

Cornwall, or in Kernewek the Cornish language, Kernow, is one of the six Celtic nations. Kowethas Ertach Kernow supports the work of the International Celtic Congress and Celtic Congress Cornwall.

There are six Celtic nations all of whom have their own unique languages. To find out more about Cornwall's place amongst these Celtic speaking nations click:

Cornwall a Celtic Nation

Celtic Congress Cornwall is one of the six branches of the International Celtic Congress. To find out more about who we are and what we do click:

Celtic Congress Cornwall

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