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Cornwall's rich historic, cultural and environmental heritage together with its own language, Kernewek, sets it apart from English counties as one of Britain's Celtic nations. 

At Association for Cornish Heritage we are passionate about Cornwall. We aim to raise interest and encourage growth in knowledge and education amongst a wide range of people about Cornwall's diverse historic, cultural, and environmental heritage.

There is a huge range of organisations and people, many of them voluntary working within Cornwall's heritage sector. We work to promote and support their work and activities, encouraging others to take an interest in and supporting them, perhaps by actively volunteering or sharing information about their aims and goals.

Please come and visit us at Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum, run by Newquay Old Cornwall Society and Association for Cornish Heritage

Our entrance is opposite the bottom of the St Georges Road car park and adjacent to Newquay Bus Station and the Piazza.

We are open Wednesday to Friday 10.30am to 3.30pm and Saturday morning 10.00 to 12.00 noon.

Please contact us via Email

COVID-19: During the period of the COVID-19 Coronaviris crisis our office and research room at Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum will be closed. We will be working from home, extending our website information, adding and sharing Cornish information to our social media pages, please follow us.

Check out our weekly Ertach Kernow articles published in Cornwall's Voice newspapers

This video is a thirty second sweep across the legendary Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor. More on the story of Dozmary Pool can be found in our Ertach Kernow newspaper articles, published weekly. We are gradually adding more short videos to our YouTube Channel the link to this can be found by clicking the right hand box below.

Check out our Ertach Kernow articles published in the Voice newspapers each week at the following link.

Ertach Kernow - Cornish Historic, Cultural & Environmental Blogs


Wassail Tremough Campus 2020

Click the image to hear Wassel Kernow by 'Tir ha Tavas'


Check out the Cornish National Music Archive website to find out more 

With the help of  Tir ha Tavas, the Kernow Bedroom Choir and Exeter University’s Arts and Culture, the Tremough Cornish Wassail is going online for 2021 and you are all invited to join in:

Click - Wassel Kernow - A Cornish Wassail - Cornish National Music Archive

Check out our Celtic themed coffee shop Gwerthji Koffi Keltek

Our Gallery Room at the museum is open from 2.00pm to 7.00pm many days of the week and 12.00 to 7.00pm Saturday and Sunday. This is open in conjunction with our in house Urban Kelt - Celtic Coffee Shop. Check out more information by clicking Gwerthji Koffi Keltek or one of the images below.

Gallery Room & Coffee Shop
Urban Kelt Coffee Shop - Where Strangers Become Friends
Gallery Room & Coffee Shop

Whilst Cornwall is in lockdown we will be closed and look forward to reopening as soon as government regulations allow

A nation's heritage and culture is its soul and the language is at the heart of what makes it a nation. 

Please support Cornish language TV - Click Image
Please support Cornish language TV - Click Image

For those that love and care about Cornwall and its culture please click the images above to find out more about supporting An Mis, Cornwall's monthly online Cornish language TV Programme. Also links to 'Kowethas an yeth Kernewek' who support education and promotion of Kernewek, Cornwall's Celtic language. Meur ras / Thank you

Truro College - Higher Education

History, Heritage & Culture FdSc Degree  and  Archaeology BSc Degree

Take a tour round the Fal building where these courses take place by clicking the image on the right

Fal Building Truro College

For more information about these Truro College higher education courses that offer opportunities to gain qualifications that will improve prospects for employment in a wide range of heritage and tourism related careers.

Click the link for information and links to Truro College History Heritage & Culture and Archaeology courses

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Voice Newspapers - Ertach Kernow Heritage Blog
YouTube Channel Original and Cornish Playlist Videos

Cornish Heritage Projects

Links to Cornish heritage projects that we hope some may interest you. We will be promoting an increased number of these projects that help to preserve and share different aspects of Cornwall's historic, cultural and environmental heritage.

Click on the appropriate button to take you to the links page for that project.

Cornwall Building Groups - BUILDINGS AT RISK PROJECT

Mapping Methodism - Profiling the Heritage of Cornish Chapels