Sharing Your Cornish Heritage Story

Sharing your Cornish heritage story is important. If your society, group or organisation carries on activities within Cornwall's heritage sector you may be one of these or something different or new.

  • Museum or archive.
  • Site of historical, environmental or wildlife interest.
  • Traditional Cornish singing group or choir.
  • Contemporary Cornish or Celtic themed folk or rock singer, duo or group.
  • Kernewek, Cornish language organisation, group or class.
  • Cornish History, general heritage or culture society, group or organisation.
  • Mining, geology or mineral group.
  • Archaeology related including site clearance work or scrub bashing to many.
  • Environmental helping preserve our landscape, ecology, marine life and coastal regions. 
  • Something new or missing? - tell us about it

Well the list is almost endless. Cornwall is a wonderful place to live, both beautiful and interesting with a rich historic, cultural and environmental heritage to enjoy and participate in.

If you and your society, group, organisation, or perhaps just you, have put your heart and soul into a Cornish heritage themed activity or project it's probably fantastic with lots of people interested in seeing and knowing about it. 

But do they know about it?

How many people will see it physically or in the future digitally?

Why not tell us about it? We will help share your work to a wide audience through newspaper, social media and website. Best of all it costs you absolutely nothing, we love Cornwall and just want to tell more people how great it is and what folk in Cornwall are doing to preserve and share our wonderful heritage. It must relate to Cornwall's heritage and preferably, but not necessarily a voluntary organisation and benefiting Cornwall's wider heritage and environment. We can't cover everything, but will do our best in promoting as many as we can and those that are of special interest and by smaller groups and organisations.

All you have to do is tell us about your group or organisation and your project - contact us at

Meur ras

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We were pleased to be able to share news about the Cornish Wassail project prior to the event, in newspapers, website and on social media. These are just some of the places we shared news relating to this project.

There is some longevity to these links as the information is retained on our website with links to the project if there is a website or social media available. Please talk to us about sharing your project or activity.