Who we are and what we do:

With our primary partner Newquay Old Cornwall Society we are based at Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum in central Newquay where we have our own museum & gallery room including a Cornish research room as part of the facilities.

Working alongside museums, archives and other Cornish heritage organisations and third-party groups in the arts, environmental and educational sectors we encourage awareness and education of Cornwall’s heritage and other issues.

Association for Cornish Heritage carries out a range of Cornish related visual presentations, exhibitions and is pleased to support organisers of Cornish festivals and events as well as smaller local history, heritage and social groups.

For those visiting Cornwall we try to help them contact the right organisation to ensure that their visits to and throughout Cornwall is spent productively and enjoyably.

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Our Story

Bronn Ewhella - Brown Willy
Lanyon Quoit
Respryn Bridge
Carn Euny
Len Sheppard, Coodinator at Association for Cornish Heritage

Len Sheppard is the Executive Coordinator for Association for Cornish Heritage and Coordinator of the Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum on behalf of Newquay Old Cornwall Society. Len is passionate about Cornwall’s historical, cultural and environmental heritage and works to encourage greater interest in all things Cornish heritage related.

He is currently Chair of Newquay Old Cornwall Society, Publicity Officer for the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies and Vice Chair of Celtic Congress Cornwall and Bewnans Kernow, Len was made a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow for his continuing work for Kernow with his bardic name being 'Kenrennek a Skians', Sharer of Knowledge. Len carries out research to share knowledge across a wide range of media including newspapers, websites and social media [Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube]

Association for Cornish Heritage was originally set up in 2015 to promote Cornwall's heritage, that was beyond the remit of Newquay Old Cornwall Society, encouraging greater interest within Newquay of Cornwall's historic, cultural and environmental heritage. This has now expanded to include audiences far beyond Newquay and Cornwall utilising digital online technology.