Cornwall's History Culture & Environment Key Stage 2 project is a series of videos with accompanying information sheets aimed at young people at KS2 and those older wanting to learn more about Cornwall.

We aim to cover many aspects about Cornwall and this series will be growing as well as creating links to other material on our YouTube Channel or from other appropriate sites. Other videos and downloads on a variety of Cornish topics to follow.

Newquay - A number of videos have been produced specifically about Newquay supporting projects and events with other organisations including Newquay Library, Newquay Lifeboat Station, Newquay St Piran's Group, and Lowender Peran Celtic Festival. Newquay Heritage Open Day's.

Links can be found by clicking - Discover Cornwall

KS2 Project - For use by schools and home educators we are adding new videos relating to Newquay with downloadable information sheets, questions and additional information for young people at Key Stage 2 any others wanting to learn about Newquay.

Clicking the image to access the Newquay page will then require a password If you would like to discuss using this material please contact us at

Fishing Cellars circa 1895 - [L to R] Active Cellar - Good Intent Cellar - Fly Cellar

Learn how to say Cornish place names in Kernewek, the Cornish language by clicking the poster images.

New places are being added weekly and you can hear the pronunciation in a word file. Posters can be downloaded for printing for use in schools, libraries, colleges and other public places. Of interest to students, visitors and local folk.

Place Names of the Week - Bodmin Moor
CPN - Week [2] Cornwall My Home