Newquay Marine Group

Set up in 2013 by a group of passionate locals.

Our mission: Working together for a common interest: To enjoy, share, promote, protect and learn about Newquay’s amazing marine environment and the incredible life that shares our shores.
Our Objectives:
  1. To celebrate and protect the marine environment of Newquay
  2. To engage the public about the amazing coastline
  3. To work with other groups
  4. To influence and be a voice for the marine environment
  5. To be a group for everyone and to be all inclusive

We work with a huge variety of other businesses, charities and organisations who have the same passion as us – to shout about the incredible marine environment we have here in Newquay. We thank them all for their ongoing support.

With the help of membership, local fundraising and generous donations, Newquay Marine Group has been busy with projects, campaigns, surveys, events and activities all about the amazing coastline we have on our doorstep.



Newquay Marine Group
Laura Guy being interviewed as part of the filming - Together Against Plastics
Laura Guy being interviewed as part of the filming - Together Against Plastics

Len, Coordinator at Kowethas Ertach Kernow as well as for Newquay Museum was pleased to be able to work with Newquay Marine Group on a couple of projects that raised awareness of environmental issues relating to the oceans.

Exhibitions were established firstly at Newquay Museum in central Newquay and then at the offshoot Dairyland Museum. Exhibition material was provided by Newquay Marine Group along with artwork by Sue Foster who collects and uses material washed up on beaches. This has been an important theme and through the ongoing work of the Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum ongoing publicity for this cause has been continued by Kowethas Ertach Kernow.

The museum won the Cornwall Heritage Award for Environmental Responsibility in 2018 sponsored by Tevi and organised by the Cornwall Museum Partnership in respect of its work in promoting this important cause of plastics in our oceans

In 2019 sponsored by Cornwall Museum Partnership a short docu film was made featuring organisers from Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum, Newquay Marine Group and Fistral Beach Clean. This was to help increase awareness of the ongoing issues of waste on beaches and in oceans. The video has been placed on the Association for Cornish Heritage YouTube Channel and can be seen below.

Newquay Museum -Newquay Marine Group Dairyland Display
Newquay Museum -Newquay Marine Group Dairyland Display
Cornwall Heritage Award 2019 - Environmental

Together Against Plastic is a video sponsored by the Cornwall Museum Partnership. Following Newquay Museum winning the Environmental Responsibility category in the 2018 Cornwall Heritage Awards this film was made. Big Ideas, Small Museums was a workshop session with a film case study from Newquay Museum about tackling plastic pollution. This includes the groups collaborating without whom this project would not have been possible. Newquay Marine Group and Fistral Beach Clean.