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Ertach Kernow Blog Plus includes additional articles beyond those published in the Voice newspapers primarily for online consumption. These are often articles that go beyond the bounds of strictly heritage related subjects and may include issues that beset Cornwall and the Cornish national minority and Cornwall as a Celtic nation.

There are also follow up articles that update information that has already been published relating to Cornwall and its historic, cultural and environmental heritage.

Ertach Kernow - Blog Plus

We will also be sharing other articles from third parties, which have a special interest to Cornwall and Cornish folk.

Cornish Echo

The Ertach Kernow YouTube Channel shares an extensive playlist to numerous other YouTube videos which relate to Cornish interests and issues in addition to our own videos.

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Background Image: Entering Cornwall a Celtic nation via The Royal Albert Bridge 1890

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Ertach Kernow - Blog Plus

Cornish Heritage In Penzance - A new heritage centre opening on 28th April in the old library building in Penzance. Educating and sharing Cornish historic and cultural heritage as well as promoting Cornish identity. 

Padstow People - King for a Day - A new docufilm relating to Padstow it's people and their traditions. This work by Barbara Sanchi from Awen Productions has been nominated in the Documentary Feature section at the Celtic Media Festival  

Old Truro ‘Old Cornwall’ Banner newly discovered - It was terrific news to hear from Bert Biscoe about the discovery of one such old banner. 

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre saved - Shared on our Facebook page the breaking news by Newquay Voice reporter Warren Wilkins (23.12.2022)

Hedge collapse a monumental fiasco along our Cornish roads - New roadside Cornish stone hedges collapse due to poor building techniques (20.11.2022)

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink - Potential water shortage in Cornwall follow up to previous article (26.10.2022)

Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall is a political party with a difference.

  • We exist to win greater self-government for Cornwall through our own legislative Parliament.
  • We believe that the historic nation of Cornwall, with its own distinct identity, language and heritage, has the same right to self-determination as the other constituent parts of the UK, such as Scotland and Wales.
  • Mebyon Kernow is a progressive party and we are striving to build a confident and outward-looking Cornwall that has the power to take decisions for itself.

Some of the views of Mebyon Kernow are included here as the party represents Cornwall alone for the benefit of Cornish people and allow it to share its views which might be lost due to the higher profile UK national parties.

Cornwall need meaningful devolution

Mebyon Kernow - Meaningful Devolution for Cornwall

Cornish Echo - Taking a closer look at Cornwall 

A new local paper that specialises in in-depth and investigative journalism, bringing you an article, straight to your inbox, every two weeks. 

Their mission is to produce high quality journalism that isn’t rushed. We don’t plan on covering breaking news. Instead, we’ll work on stories for weeks or months. 

The stories could be about local politics, culture, social issues, or perhaps a human-interest piece. You’ll always get interesting stories, considered reporting and clear analysis. Join our community of readers now.

Ertach Kernow - YouTube Channel and Play List

Besides videos compiled by Kowethas Ertach Kernow we share many other Cornish and Celtic YouTube videos

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