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Association for Cornish Heritage through its partnership in Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum has been pleased to work with the team at Newquay Library on a number of exhibitions and events. These have been held within the library to mark historic anniversaries and cultural days run by national organisations throughout Britain.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020/2021 led to this being moved online with a successful project marking Local History & Community Month, this encouraged running future online projects.

Newquay Library

Local History & Community Month

May / June 2021

This project covering May 2021 replaced what would have been a new exhibition within Newquay Library with an online series of videos marking Local History & Community Month. Each week a new video about Newquay was released under the theme 'What will you discover during Local History & Community Month?'

Released on the Association for Cornish Heritage YouTube Channel and shared via a number of social media pages including the Library Service, Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum, Newquay Old Cornwall Society as well as our own outlets and Voice newspapers throughout Cornwall.

Association for Cornish Heritage and its proactive partnership through Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum working with Newquay Library & Information Service has carried out many successful projects. Now working online this reaches a new audience showing how libraries can help promote themselves by working on projects with other local partners.

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Bakers Folly, Newquay
The Banqueting Hall, Porth, Newquay
St Columb 'Edyvean' Canal, Newquay
Old Coastguard Lookout, Newquay
Newquay Harbour Tramway
New Video Coming Soon
New Video Coming Soon

Newquay Library Heritage Evening

May 2019

Newquay Library was a new venue for a Newquay and Cornish heritage event on Thursday. A capacity crowd gathered to hear Oll an Gwella sing a wide variety of Cornish songs and shanties encouraging audience participation. Len Sheppard from Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum gave a visual talk on ‘Newquay Then and Later’ looking at changes over the past 100 years or so in Newquay. Liz Carne provide a slot entitled ‘Blas a Gernewek’ [A taste of Cornish] looking at and giving the audience a chance to learn some everyday Kernewek [Cornish language]. This was a very successful event and illustrates what can be done to create greater interest and use of our Newquay Library. Newquay is so fortunate to have a proactive group working in our library, which is now open six days a week, when so many throughout Cornwall and in England have closed or reduced hours.

Newquay Library - Heritage May 2019
Newquay Library - Heritage May 2019
Newquay Library - Heritage May 2019
Liz Carne - Newquay Library Kernewek Talk

Other Newquay Library Events

Newquay Library has carried out a number of displays and events over a number of years in conjunction with Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum (Newquay Old Cornwall Society & Association for Cornish Heritage)

These include:

2016 - 2019 - Various Newquay heritage seasonal exhibitions

March 2021 - Newquay St Piran's Festival

March 2020 - Newquay St Piran's Festival

March 2019 - Newquay St Piran's Festival

November 2018 - WWI Commemorative Exhibition