Cornwall's National Day

St Piran's Celebrations 2024

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St Piran's events throughout Cornwall can be shared here. If you have an event please forward your poster or information to so that we and the worldwide Cornish Diaspora can see and support your event by sharing further. We try to add any links to websites and social media to help publicise your events more fully.

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Gool Peran Lowen ha Kernow Bys Vyken

Gool Peran Lowen - Happy St Piran's Day

Thanks to all those organisations, towns and communities who sent us their St Piran's posters and activity information. Our stats show that the number of people accessing information about events was the highest ever and with the most posters being made available to encourage people to attend events. As soon as your posters or St Piran's information is available let s know and we'll share it here and on social media.

Redruth St Piran's Activities 2024
Redruth St Piran's Festival Guide
Newquay St Piran's Events Programme
Truro St Piran's Parade
Truro - St Piran's Day Activities
Bude St Piran's events 5th March
Penryn St Piran's Celebrations
Falmouth St Piran's Day Parade
Launceston St Piran's 2024
The Prophesy of Merlin with Mike O'Connor & Barbara Griggs
Helston Lantern Parade
St Ives - St Piran's Day Yeth an Werin
St Denys OCS - St Piran's Day Singalong
Millennium House, Pensilva - St Piran's Day Dinner
Institute of Cornish Studies - St Piran Celebrations
Porthleven St Piran's 2024
Penzance - Cornish Concert
Penzance - St Piran Furry Dance
St Piran in St Just & District
St Piran in Penwith
St Piran's March to the Oratory 2024
Pensans Morris St Piran's Day
St Buryan - St Piran's Day 2024
Bodmin - St Piran's Day 2024
Kresen Kernow - St Piran's 2024
Lowender St Piran Session
St Piran's Fest NOS LOWEN - The Acorn, Penzance

Websites & Social Media Links:

Gorsedh Kernow
Newquay St Piran's Children's Event
Newquay St Piran's - Cornish Language taster
Newquay St Piran's - St Piran's Eve Concert
Newquay St Piran's Parade
St Piran's Events at The Central
Newquay St Piran's - Trelawny Shout
Newquay - St Piran's Trail

The Cornish Diaspora - St Piran's Day Celebrations

Cornish associations, societies and groups will be celebrating St Piran's Day. Meur ras, to those sending in their event posters

Cornish Association NSW - St Piran's Day

Cornish Association NSW newsletter  CLICK HERE

Cornish American Heritage Society - St Piran's Day

Cornish American Heritage Society newsletter  CLICK HERE

Cornish St Piran's - Australia