Discovering Cornwall

The St Columb 'Edyvean' Canal is one of a series of short videos sharing information about aspects of Cornish heritage and places of interest throughout Cornwall. This is an extension of an ongoing project on behalf of Newquay Museum entitled Discovering Newquay, with those videos included within this larger project.

The St Columb 'Edyvean' Canal

This short video tells something of the story of what has become known as the Edyvean Canal. Traces of this uncompleted Cornish canal are almost gone now as erosion and building gradually erases this interesting 18th century industrial project. We hope that this video, albeit just an overview, will enlighten viewers to this part of Cornwall industrial heritage as well as acting as a memorial to its founder John Edyvean.

This video is dedicated to the memory of Mrs Kathleen Mary Glanville, better known throughout Cornwall as 'Bill'. On 9th February 2018 Bill gave a talk to the Trevithick Society at King Edward Mine on the Edyvean Canal, this was as usual illuminating. We are indebted to Bill for use of many images shown within this video.

Bill Glanville Dedication

Bill Glanville was a font of knowledge and a huge contributor to Cornwall’s heritage through her research and sharing her wide expertise. Her passing was a great loss to her community in St Columb Major where she was President of St Columb Old Cornwall Society, and to Cornwall where she was also a past President of The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. A Bard of Gorsedh Kernow since 1990 Bill's bardic name was Wylmet Maghteth Lanherne, Bill Handmaiden of Lanherne. Known for her mischievous sense of humour she is remembered with great affection by her many friends throughout Cornwall.

The St Columb 'Edyvean' Canal a heroic 18th century project