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Akademi Kernewek is responsible for corpus planning for the Cornish language, including setting standards for the language, developing the dictionary and carrying out research. Akademi Kernewek has a Board and four panels, with each panel responsible for a key work area.

Akademi Kernewek yw omgemeryansek  rag towlennans an korpus a Gernewek, yn y vysk desedha savonow rag an yeth, displegya an gerlyver ha gwruthyl hwithrans. Akademi Kernewek a'n jeves Bord ha peswar panel, gans kettep panel lown arbennek.

The Akademi Kernewek is a registered charity which exists to advance knowledge and education of the public in the Cornish Language by:

  1. developing understanding of Cornish Language vocabulary, grammar and place names
  2. developing the collective knowledge and understanding of the Cornish Language and making this knowledge publicly accessible for use by schools, pre-schools, adult education classes, educational establishments, research organisations, and anyone with an interest in, or in learning, the Cornish language.

Akademi Kernewek yw alusen govskrifys a's teves an porpos dhe avonsya skentoleth hag adhyskans an poblek y'n yeth Kernewek dre:

  1. dhisplegya konvedhes gerva, gramer ha henwyn tyller Kernewek
  2. dhisplegya skentoleth ha konvedhes kuntellek a'n yeth Kernewek ha gul hedhadow yn poblek an skentoleth ma rag devnydh gans skolyow, kyns-skolyow, klassow adhyskans tevesik, fondyansow adhyskans, kowethasow hwithrans, ha nebonan ha ganso les y'n yeth Kernewek po yn hy dyski.

Akademi Kernewek - Map & Search Facility

The Cornish place names used in the Akademi Kernewek website have been researched by the Akademi Kernewek Place Names Panel.  The place names published by the Akademi are in today's Cornish, using the Standard Written Form, but based on research of historic evidence.

Akademi Kernewek - Dictionary

The dictionary is written in the Standard Written Form of Cornish and the intention is that it will be constantly updated and extended. As well as adding new terminology and extending the range of the dictionary, over time information about each word and usage will also be made available as will audio files to allow the pronunciations to be heard.

Dynnargh dhe'n gerlyver warlinen nowyth a Gernewek. Skrifys yw an gerlyver y'n Furv Savonek Skrifys a Gernewek ha'n mynnas yw y fydh prest nowythhes hag ystynnys. Keffrys ha keworra termynologieth nowyth hag ystynna efander an gerlyver, dres termyn kedhlow a-dro dhe bub ger ha'y usadow a vydh kavadow, yn herwydh restrennow sonek dhe asa bos klewys an leveryans.

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