Ertach Kernow - Cornish Podcasts

Ertach Kernow - Podcast Channel is an additional feature to sharing knowledge about Cornwall and its heritage. These can be heard via a mobile device from or listened to via our website below.

A number of our written articles will be converted into short podcasts and videos enabling the content to be accessed in multiple ways. Already in newsprint many of these will now be in online visual and audio formats. This will allow for greater access in ways that better suit those interested in Cornish heritage.

Newquay and the sea

Our Ertach Kernow podcast site is to feature three podcasts entitled Newquay and the sea. These can be heard here of via a mobile device from This series of podcasts is a Bright Sparks grant project with Karen Pirie with her own podcast site 'Cornwall Woman'.

  • The first features Newquay Rowing Club and gig racing.