Cornish Music

Cornish music is an important part of Cornwall's cultural heritage. Cornwall has a rich and wide variety of music, with much of it unique to our nation as well as in common with other Celtic nations.

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Cornish National Music Archive

The Cornish National Music Archive collaborative effort, documents, celebrates and shares the music of Cornwall. This is an online resource about music in Cornwall, featuring all kinds of music - from brass bands to choirs, pub songs to rock bands, and orchestral to pop. 

Link - Cornish National Music Archive

R S Hawker - Trelawny [Song of the Western Men]

One of the most well known songs known relating to Cornwall, 'Trelawny' was written by the Reverend Robert Stephen Hawker as a poem in 1823 entitled "Song of the Western Men" and later turned into a song. It has become the unofficial anthem for Cornwall and is often sung at many events and occasions where you find a congregation of Cornish people.

Reverend Hawker in 1864

Dr Merv Davey - Cornish Bagpipes

Some words and piping from master piper and an adept of Cornish music Dr Merv Davey. Who said bagpipes were the sole preserve of Scotland?

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Dr Merv Davey - Cornish Bagpipes