Cornish Heritage Social - Cornish Smugglers with special reference to Newquay

Cornish Heritage Social - Cornish Smugglers

Cornish Smugglers with special reference to Newquay

Cornish Smugglers with special reference to Newquay gives an overview of smugglers activities in Cornwall, how and why these folk also known as 'free traders' operated with repercussions to this very day. Newquay was a well known place for smugglers to operate and this illustrated talk by Len Sheppard provides an entertaining and informative look at this part of Cornwall and Newquay's historic heritage.

Len Sheppard coordinates Newquay Museum and is also involved with a number of Cornish heritage groups. He runs several online activities including many social media platforms as well as a YouTube channel. A weekly contributor to the Cornish ‘Voice’ newspapers under the title Ertach Kernow, he also provides illustrated presentations to groups and schools throughout Cornwall. Honoured with a bardship of Gorsedh Kernow, Len took the Kernewek bardic name Kevrennek a Skians - Sharer of Knowledge.

This is just one of a series of illustrated talks this speaker is able to give relating to Newquay as well as many about Cornwall and Cornish heritage, which are presented to groups at venues throughout Cornwall.

Revenue Cruiser chasing smuggling vessel
Smugglers unloading contraband by George Morland 1793

Cornish Heritage Social is hosting a series of illustrated talks, music, Cornish language and other events at the Cornish Coffee Lounge based in Newquay Museum. Most of these will be Cornish heritage based, but there will be some other fun activities & events.

This series of events help support activities run by Kowethas Ertach Kernow and Newquay Museum. There is a entry fee of £5.00 per person and this includes a coffee or alternatively corkage if you wish to bring your own beverage, such as a bottle of wine. As well as being informative we aim for this to be an enjoyable and entertaining social event for those attending. Payment can be made by card via a secure link to Sumup, a well-known and trusted card payment organisation by clicking the link via the button below. Alternatively payment can be made by card or cash in Newquay Museum / Cornish Coffee Lounge (Wednesday to Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm)

We welcome groups of friends or societies and aim to encourage groups of about 16 people to each of our events. We can also arrange brief talks linked to a short guided walk to illustrate parts of Newquay's past.

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