This listing is in its early stages of compiling and we hope to add more speakers to this list over time

Speakers & Cornish Musicians 

If you are a speaker and provide illustrated talks to groups and organisations in Cornwall and wish to be added to this list please click the button to check what information we require to add you to this list.

If you are a group, organisation or social society and provide illustrated talks to your members we know how difficult it can be to find a variety of speakers. This list we hope helps find speakers who maybe able to offer their services. We ask you to contact them to make the necessary arrangements and do not express an opinion or views on their presentations.


We know that organisations throughout Cornwall are always looking for speakers and musicians to inform, educate and entertain their members and other local residents. If you are a speaker or musician and provide talks or music relating to Cornwall, its history, culture and environmental heritage please contact us and we will include you on our forthcoming updated listing.

So that we can share information about you and what you are able to offer please let us know the following:

  • Your name
  • The name of any organisation you are representing if applicable
  • The title of your subject matter (a one sentence summary would be useful if not apparent from the title)
  • Your contact details - Email & telephone / mobile number
  • What equipment you have - Laptop, projector, screen etc.,
  • What equipment you may need
  • Where you are based and how far you are willing to travel
  • Are you available during the day and / or evenings
  • If you wish to share your fee / travel expenses with your listing please do so or leave it to discuss with those engaging you.
  • Whether you are able to offer Zoom / online talks as these have become increasingly popular including hybrid events
  • Any other information that may be of use to anybody wishing to engage a speaker.

Knowing this makes far easier for organisations to organise a programme and book an appropriate speaker or musician.


We have produced a form which may assist in providing this information and can be downloaded by clicking the button below. The form can be completed and scanned or the information provided in freeform in an email.

We are currently contacting a wide range and number of other speakers to enable us to share their fullest details on this webpage to help organisations fill their annual programme of talks, lectures and activities.

Any group or speaker wishing to discuss please call Len Sheppard on 07723 918584 and he would be pleased to advise and help you.