Kernewek - Cornish Language

Kernewek the Cornish Language is one of the pillars on which Cornwall's cultural heritage stands. This page will provide information and links to enable viewers to find the appropriate information.

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Dictionary (Standard Written Form) published by Cornwall Council 


Basic Cornish phrases



Cornish Place Names in Kernewek

Cornish place names in Kernewek is a project to encouraging greater use of these place names in everyday life. These will vary from names of towns and villages to places throughout Cornwall and ancient monuments and sites of interest.

A poster will be available to download with the place names in Kernewek and English and there will be an audio link to each of the Cornish place names to help with pronunciation.

We hope this will be of benefit to people who are interested in Cornwall’s historic and cultural heritage and that more people will refer to places using the Cornish language name in everyday life.

This was the first phase of place names covering a three month period and promoted in the Voice newspapers. A new phase of irregular posts will be added as requested by organisations, social groups, schools and colleges. Cornish Place Names - Phase Two

  • Clicking the audio file will give a pronunciation followed by a gap and then repeated. Combined gives all the places.
  • Clicking » links to Henwyn Tyller (Place Names) providing meaning of the place name if known and more information.