Association for Cornish Heritage  - Social Media

Association for Cornish Heritage is going on TikTok.

What? Yes we’re using the TikTok app to share Cornish heritage information to a wider audience in this case younger people who tend to use this app more than some of the other social media brands.

It’s important to bring onboard and share knowledge and information about Cornwall and its historic, cultural and environmental heritage across a range of media where different demographics of people spend their time. Association for Cornish Heritage and through its additional branding Ertach Kernow is already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and in the physical world Voice newspapers, a base at the Newquay Museum and a website. We are always looking for new opportunities to share information and news about Cornwall’s heritage sector to an even wider audience in different ways.

All types of media has its own audiences depending on the age range that are interested in engaging with that particular media. This may be physical through newspapers, digital online or meeting people in museums and external exhibitions. Association for Cornish Heritage does all of these and our aim has always been to share knowledge about Cornish heritage and information about the organisations and groups that work and volunteer in Cornwall’s heritage sector. Encouraging people to volunteer and join organisations as members is all about sharing information and publicising the group or society’s activities, its aims and goals. Many wither and fail because they don’t proactively engage with the wider world in using the latest technology, relying on existing members, posters and other mid-20th century communication with members of the public.

Association for Cornish Heritage tries to share as much about other Cornish organisations as possible so are expanding our digital range. Our TikTok name is Ertach_Kernow and our videos are just one minute long, aimed at a younger age range to create awareness and as an introduction to aspects of Cornwall’s Heritage. We are working with young Cornish people in creating content, and who will have input to these videos helping make them relevant to the audience we want to reach in sharing our heritage.

If you want to expand your publicity please share your news with us by contacting us at