Towan Books

Towan Books is part of Kowethas Ertach Kernow and aims to provide a range of books about Cornwall and Cornish topics. The vast majority of these will be 'preloved' and we hope that this will create an opportunity for those interested in Cornwall's rich heritage will find these of interest. Sale of these books also supports the work of Kowethas Ertach Kernow in sharing knowledge Cornwall's historic, cultural and environmental heritage to a wider audience and use of books in the circular green economy.

Wanting a particular book on Cornwall, perhaps we have it as part of our sale stock. Please send your enquiry to

We have a wide range of books at all prices to enable people to find out more about Cornwall's historic and cultural heritage, Cornish traditions, stories and much more. We can arrange illustrated talks on a range of Cornish subjects at venues in Newquay and throughout Cornwall.

There are also a number of paintings available to buy of Cornish scenes or by Cornish artists.

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