Old Newquay, by S Teague Husband


An enchanting and interesting book written from the view of the author born in the 1850’s of Newquay from her early childhood. Includes many stories about the early education system, Methodism and stories from old folk about earlier times. Based in a time long before the days of tourism and surfing when folk remembered smuggling and days before the current harbour was built. A must read for those interested in Newquay’s early days. The author became a school headmistress long before the days of careers for women and unknown to her during her lifetime was great aunt to a Nobel Laureate for literature, William Golding. The original drawings that formed part of the original 1923 edition were drawn by William’s father Alec A Golding and are supplemented here in this facsimile reprint with photographs supplied by Newquay Old Cornwall Society.

Hardback with dust jacket
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran 1985 [Facsimile reprint]
Pages: 124
Condition: Very Good, slight scuffing to top of dust jacket.

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