Urban Kelt Celtic Coffee Shop - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek

Association for Cornish Heritage were pleased to welcome Urban Kelt to open a vegan coffee shop in our Museum Gallery Room. The coffee shop or in Kernewek, the Cornish language, Gwerthji Koffi Keltek was opened in February 2020. Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Elizabeth Carne carried out the honours with a opening speech in Kernewek and English reflecting the bilingual nature of Gwerthji Koffi Keltek. Former Grand Bard Merv Davey piped the opening with the Cornish anthem 'Trelawny'.

Gwerthji Koffi Keltekreflects the ethos of both Len and Bunney who run 'Association for Cornish Heritage' and the Urban Kelt 'Gwerthji Koffi Keltek' respectively. Warm, welcoming and friendly with an environmentally positive approach. Here the bilingual nature of Cornwall can be heard in Kernewek, the Cornish language. Also supporting interest in the other Celtic nations and their languages and cultural heritage. Both Len and Bunney are committee members of Celtic Congress Cornwall and other Cornish heritage groups.

Come and visit Gwerthji Koffi Keltekand enjoy a break amongst Cornish art and objects. The Association for Cornish Heritage is a partner in the Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum and there is also lots to see in the other museum rooms.

Gallery Room & Coffee Shop
Gallery Room & Coffee Shop
Gallery Room & Coffee Shop

Urban Kelt Celtic Coffee Shop - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek

During February 2020 Association for Cornish Heritage working with Urban Kelt transformed our Museum Gallery Room at Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum by incorporating a Celtic themed Coffee Shop, Gwerthji Koffi Keltek, run by Urban Kelt. This was to be a vegan, ethically based venue created using repurposed materials and aiming to be environmentally friendly. As well, Gwerthji Koffi Keltek looked to being bilingual and encourage interest in Kernewek, the Cornish language as well as continuing the theme of sharing Cornish heritage and Celtic interests.

We were very pleased that the Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Elizabeth Carne agreed to come and open the Urban Kelt, Gwerthji Koffi Keltek and say a few words beforehand. Also immediate past Grand Bard Merv Davey agreed to play the Cornish bagpipes, playing that well known Cornish anthem 'Trelawny'. Merv also had a few words to say prior to the opening. Whilst it has been able to open during what had become a difficult 2020 for the hospitality industry, the Urban Kelt - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek built up a good and loyal following.

Meur ras / Thank you for all the lovely comments left on our Facebook page about your visits to Gwerthji Koffi Keltek. Here are just some of them along with some photos of just a few of our visitors.

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Urban Kelt Coffee Shop - Where Strangers Become Friends
Maui Celtic 12th September 2020

Hamish Burgess, Maui Celtic, Hawaii

We've found the best coffee shop ever - the socially distancing Urban Kelt Celtic Coffee Shop - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek in Newquay, Cornwall, run by our friend Bunney of Urban Kelt. Escape the madness and enjoy their cosy Celtic nook part of Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum - Hamish Burgess, Maui Celtic, Hawaii.

Richard Trethewey - The Rowan Tree popping in for a coffee and chat.

Richard also performs solo as well as with The award winning Cornish Celtic band 'The Rowan Tree' singing some songs in Cornish. He was created a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow in 2020.

Sheila Harper from Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum

Sheila also runs the Newquay Old Cornwall Archaeological Group that carries out clearance work on historic and ancient sites in the Newquay area. Has also written two books on Newquay that helps support the museum.

Matthi Ab Dewi Visit to Gwerthji Koffi Keltek

Matthi Ab Dewi has filmed at Gwerthji Koffi Keltek for the monthly online Cornish language television news programme 'An Mis', which he presents. Bunney has appeared in several episodes. Also producing the weekly 'Radyo an Gernewegva'.

Daisy Harris Loves Gwerthji Koffee Keltek

Daisy May Harris

Daisy May Harris recommends Urban Kelt Celtic Coffee Shop - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek.

Where do I even began with Urban Kelt, well firstly the gentleman that owns it as well as runs it alone (Bunney) is welcoming, enthusiastic and kind-hearted. It is a place for locals and tourist to go and relax, whilst enjoying a scrummy plant base range of drink and cakes.

For me personal, I love the diversity of customers that you meet, which naturally turns into a networking event. The atmosphere follows suit by providing a calm and peaceful feeling, which makes the establishment more enjoyable to stay in for hours at an end. I wish I knew of Urban Kelt sooner, as I would have used it as place of refuge after a bad day or a long one.

Oh, I almost forgot, having a coffee house that appreciates the Celtic history both past and present is wonderful as Cornwall as a whole holds so much Celtic history.

It re-unites people from Celtic families/background all over the UK to one place, which is a very special in itself.

Abigail Hubbucks visited Gwerthji Koffi Keltek

Abigail Hubbucks

I’ve absolutely loved meeting such interesting people and being able to put the world to rights with loving people in a magical nook, can’t wait to be back

Shaun Paul

The Cornish language community has never had somewhere quite like this to call home - somewhere to drop in, knowing there would always be a Cornish speaker or two, along with amazing coffee, and a welcome into what can only be described as the family that surrounds the Urban Kelt Celtic Coffee Shop - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek!

Cathy Armstrong

Can’t believe this post has been there all day and no comments! Where is everyone! We love the cafe - and the music - and will be back for our Friday night coffees after work as soon as you open. I also have the postcards for Jane. Keep smiling.

Gwynnie Griffiths

Thanks for being so welcoming, it’s like enjoying a warm, cosy sitting room.

Johnny Weston

Everyone's gonna be flocking back soon. Loved spending time there tucked away in a Celtic realm outside of Newquay. Such a welcoming and intimate space to meet people with something interesting to share. Inquisitive and curious as I am, I can't say i've ever left the coffee shop without feeling like i've learnt something. Many a folk met in there I never would've met had I not been in at all. And that's the best part of it. Such a fun and empathic space to share stories. We all need a circle like this, especially in these isolated times. Looking forward to me next koffi.

Gabrielle Ward

Gabrielle Ward recommends Urban Kelt Celtic Coffee Shop - Gwerthji Koffi Keltek.

What a hidden little gem this coffee shop is an absolute must for lovers of vegan and vintage it's packed to the rim with nautical and vintage displayed items ...the owner serves the best soy latte around and welcomes locals and strangers alike ..it's like visiting your favourite friend for coffee and escaping the hustle and bustle and stepping back in time ..a definite must for weary travellers.

Lee Chaffe

The past couple months since opening in September has been incredible for me. The social scene here is what I've always craved coming to a coffee shop (day and evening) especially during these times where meeting people and making friends seems to be getting harder. You will meet so many interesting and spiritual people and end up talking for hours about all sorts. You can make friends and connections very easily from the way it’s laid out. Bunney will always introduce you to new faces and make you feel part of the family. There's a lot of love in this building and it couldn't happen without Bunney’s huge heart and love. I'm very excited for the future plans of this place. Thank you