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Cornwall or Kernow in Kernewek, the Cornish language, is one of six Celtic nations five of whom make up the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, together with Brittany. These pages are dedicated to news and information relating to these Celtic nations, containing information and links to those nation's wider Celtic heritage websites and social media.

This website is about historic, cultural and environmental heritage and does not include information or links to political parties or groups. What makes us all seperate nations beyond being part of current larger dominating national borders are our national Celtic languages along with our own national historic, cultural and environmental heritage. Without our individual Celtic languages and cultural differences, that are the souls of our nations, we are nothing but an appendage to a larger nation independent or not, speaking their language and following their customs. Nationhood is more than just a line drawn on a map, it is enshrined in our national soul.

International Celtic Congress

International Celtic Congress

Links to the international website (Below) and individual national websites of Celtic Congress (Right)

International Celtic Congress - Website

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National branches of Celtic Congress


Website: Celtic Congress Scotland

Facebook: Celtic Congress Scotland


Website: Celtic Congress Brittany


Facebook: Celtic Congress Wales


Website: Celtic Congress Ireland         


Website: Celtic Congress Cornwall

Facebook: Celtic Congress Cornwall


Website: Celtic Congress Mannin

Message from the President of the International Celtic Congress. This includes news about the 2021 International Celtic Congress which will be held in Wales at Aberystwyth and Ireland being pushed back to 2022.

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