Urban Kelt

Urban Kelt born on St Patricks Day 2011 promotes Celtic Culture and Language through Music and the Arts. With over 600 Celtic Music events, Art exhibitions and Food Festivals on its sleeve including Celtic Cinema and Celtic Comedy, across the UK and Ireland it has brought a refreshing Celtic identity and appeal to a younger generation, and flies the Celtic flag sitting alongside the other Celtic Organisations in the top 10 global Celtic platforms.

We work closely with venues all over London and across the UK to suit. We pride ourselves on showcasing the biggest and best up and coming Bands/Artists from both Celtic and outside of the Celtic realms - Any Genre welcome, Hosting an array of events, live music, spoken word, art exhibitions, culture, cinema, comedy and whatever new pops into our heads.

Now based in the Celtic land of Cornwall and organising regular Trad Sessions. Urban Kelt is also now operating a Celtic themed coffee shop in Newquay and encouraging use of Celtic languages and greater interest in Cornish Celtic Music. The Celtic Lounge is based in the Gallery & Museum room of Kowethas Ertach Kernow (Association for Cornish Heritage). It was opened early in 2020 by the Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Elizabeth Carne, and has proved a popular venue for all those especially interested in Cornish and Celtic themed events.

For Kowethas Ertach Kernow it is exciting to be able to share our Gallery and Museum rooms with the Urban Kelt - The Celtic Lounge coffee shop. Being open to greater possibilities of sharing knowledge about Cornwall's heritage with a wider audience and the opportunities that creates.

Urban Kelt
Urban Kelt Trad Sessions
The Celtic Lounge coffee shop bar
Scenes from Opening with Grand Bard Liz Carne & Former Grand Bard Merv Davey
The Celtic Lounge - Musicians