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Articles will be added weekly on an ongoing basis. The links are to articles written for the Truro Voice newspaper, aimed at audiences who are interested in aspects of Cornwall's heritage. The website articles may include expanded information and images that newspaper space did not allow.

Following increase of pagination in the  Newquay Voice and St Austell Voice and launch of the Bodmin Voice these articles  will also be published in those editions in the same format.

Clicking the newspaper image below will take you to the relevant page, the images within the articles will expand when clicked. We hope that you find these enjoyable and informative.

How Truro came to be the capital city of Cornwall
Visionary who engineered a great chapter in Cornish history
Let's step out of lockdown into a history mystery
Turner's travels over Tamar tell Cornwall's story
Ertach Kernow -Nostalgic Ride to a Land of Legend
The place names that help unlock our past history'
Historic homes reveal dramatic family histories
Ertach Kernow - Backtracking to our Railway Past
Ertach Kernow - Growth of a thriving resort town Bude
Ertach Kernow - Cornwall’s great global Diaspora
Ertach Kernow - Villages guard clues to our heritage - Moorland Villages
Ertach Kernow - Storytellers will help keep alive Cornish identity
Ertach Kernow - Net profits for our old coastal communities
Ertach Kernow - Summercourt Fair well worth a nostalgic visit
Ertach Kernow- Enduring legacy of Cornwall's great benefactor
Ertach Kernow- How Tragedy at sea devestated lives left behind
Ertach Kernow - John Leland Itinerary Launceston-Bodmin
Ertach Kernow - Lostwithiel, Rich layer of town's history

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New article added each week once published across four Voice newspapers

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